There are probably a few things you would like to know about how our Society operates before you become a member.

If your questions are not listed on this page please contact us or ask a committee member at the next rehearsal.


If you would like to join the choir or come and have a look at what we do, you can email beforehand or simply turn up on a Monday.


We will take your contact details in case of an emergency.


If you are under 16 years old there is a form your parents will be required to fill in, giving permission for you to attend.


Membership fees enable the Society to hire concert and practice venues, orchestras, accompanists, soloists and, most importantly, the music itself.  We also have to pay membership fees to 'Making Music' who administer Performing Rights fees on our behalf and also premiums for our Public Liability Insurance. Because the cost of music hire has risen dramatically in recent times, we also make a small additional charge for musical scores, to partially offset these hire charges.  Details of fees can be obtained by emailing the Secretary (see foot of Home page for email address) or by asking the Treasurer at a rehearsal.  NOTE: No fee is required if you are coming along for a 'taster'. 


If for any reason you are unable to attend any of the performances please let the Secretary know as soon as possible.  This allows the Musical Director adequate time to balance the sound between different parts for the performance.


Music is always handed in to the Librarian at the end of each performance (not at the end of each rehearsal!) so that she can erase pencil marks from the scores and return music to lending libraries.